VHP Fumigation from CAS

Let us handle everything so you don’t have to.

At CAS, we want to free you up to concentrate on your vital work rather than spending time worrying about your laboratory equipment. As part of this commitment, we now offer VHP fumigation for effective decontamination of microbiological safety cabinets.

Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide is a convenient and above all effective way to decontaminate lab equipment. We can perform VHP fumigation prior to our service on your equipment. This facilitates an all-in-one service to reduce your equipment downtime.


The VHP X10 Biodecontamination Unit from STERIS

Our trained engineers use the STERIS VHP X10 biodecontamination unit. Designed for mobile decontamination of clean, dry, sealed Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinets and other small enclosures. Users can expect to achieve a 6-log minimum bioburden reduction throughout BSCs in as little as 2-7 hours.

The all-in-one unit and its X-Phase hardware technology enables pre-heating, dehumidification, conditioning, biodecontamination and aeration in an all-in-one unit design.

The X10 unit can be utilised with its three factory-programmed cycles: 3-4’, 5-6’ and XL for biological safety cabinet size.

This biodecontamination unit uses the STERIS proprietary Vaprox 59 hydrogen peroxide sterilant - a 59% hydrogen peroxide aqueous solution that is registered with the US EPA and European Biocidal Products Regulation.

Additionally, VaproxLink technology utilises radio frequency identification to automatically identify sterilant and verify expiration date.

A More Environmentally-Friendly Option

The VHP process technology we offer for fumigation is a more environmentally benign choice than formaldehyde or chlorine oxide processes. The low temperature hydrogen peroxide dry vapour destroys a wide range of microorganisms including bacterial spores, viruses and fungi.

Another key point is that the VHP technology does not condense on surfaces, making it a unique choice for sensitive materials including electronic equipment, HEPA filters, and painted surfaces.

Our engineers have completed the STERIS training and certification course for applicators of Vaprox 59 hydrogen peroxide sterilant and the VHP X10 biodecontamination system operator course.

"It gives me great pleasure to announce we now have three fully operational Class IIs in the new 12G Lab Area!  I would like to say a huge thank you to CAS for the continued support and brilliant response throughout."


Meeting standards

Contained Air Solutions is an ISO 9001 accredited company and a member of the Scottish Society for Contamination Control (S2C2) and the British Standards Institute (BSi).

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