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Pharmaceutical Isolator

Sterility Test Pharmaceutical Isolator

2 or 4 glove models available

Product details

Contained Air Solutions (CAS) provide Pharmaceutical Isolators, offering bespoke design, construction, implementation and validation solutions for controlled clean air pharmaceutical environments and enclosures, including fully compliant British Standard pharmaceutical clean rooms.

Pharmaceutical isolators are separative devices which separate a pharmaceutical process or activity both from the operator and the surrounding environment.

This can be for the purposes of product and/or operator protection plus environmental protection from the process and its constituent parts.

Both inlet and extract air are HEPA filtered through the pharmaceutical isolator to provide aseptic working within the controlled workspace plus environmental protection. Interlocked transfer hatches provide means of entry and exit to and from the controlled workspace.

Pharmaceutical isolators can be designed to provide either a positive or negative workspace with respect to the external environment to suit the process and protection requirements of the application.

  • Fully manufactured from stainless steel grade 316
  • Rapid transfer port (RTP)
  • Integrated house vacuum
  • Vanity panels
Sterility Test Pharmaceutical Isolator

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