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Class 2 Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Class 2 Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Now significantly upgraded to be simpler, safer, quieter and more efficient

Product details

The 6th generation BioMAT 2 brings together decades of experience in containment design to provide a range of Class 2 Microbiological Safety Cabinets, simple and safe to use and maintain, quiet and energy efficient in operation.


BioMAT 2 Microbiological Safety Cabinets provide both operator and product protection for the routine handling of biological agents up to Hazard Group 3 (ACDP Publication - Categorisation of Pathogens according to Hazard and Categories of Containment 1990).

Simple to use

Intuitive controls with crystal clear iconography for ease of operation. 10cm x 6cm TFT touch screen providing real time indication of cabinet operation with dynamic animated airflow diagram.
Engineers menu allows rapid and simple adjustment of cabinet fan speed and UV light time function. Simple four digit password protection offers users simple and quick security in maintaining cabinet operations.

Efficient operation

Energy efficient EC fan technology coupled with low loss filters, LED lighting and energy efficient controls provide significantly reduced power consumption.
Typical running consumption: 140W based on a Class 2 cabinet operational performance of 0.6 m/sec inflow and 0.35m/sec downflow.
Set back mode detects unattended cabinet operation and automatically closes visor to 50mm, extinguishes lights and reduces fan speed to maximise energy efficiency (BioMAT 2-S2).

Safe operation

Full width LED light function gives operator unparalleled clear unambiguous indication of any airflow problem. Animated airflow diagram provides the operator with instant clear indication of any abnormal cabinet status.

Quiet operation

All models are equipped with EC fans, additional attenuation, low pressure HEPA filters and noise reduction technology ensures the lowest possible noise levels. Typical noise level now 49dBA (1200mm models).

Class 2 Microbiological Safety Cabinet
Carbon Neutral Logo

Helping you reduce carbon The new BioMat 2 Class 2 Microbiological Safety Cabinet has been awarded CarbonNeutral® Product Certification. We can make a significant contribution to our customers needs for verifiable carbon reduction within your labaroratory facilities.

BioMAT 2

The BioMAT 2 offers the proven 200mm fixed aperture design provided by all previous cabinet generations. The visor is secured by simple slidelocks and closure is achieved using a night door supplied with each cabinet. The BioMAT 2 offers the proven 200mm fixed aperture design provided by all previous cabinet generations. The visor is secured by simple slidelocks and closure is achieved using a night door supplied with each cabinet.

Class 2 MSC - BioMAT 2

BioMAT 2-S2

The BioMAT 2–S2 offers an aerosol tight motorised sliding sash front visor, operated using simple up/down arrows on the main control panel. The sliding sash is normally set at 200mm for standard cabinet operation but can be raised to allow passage of large items into the main cabinet working area or lowered to close and seal the cabinet as required. The S2 visor also incorporates an anti trap function which automatically raises the glass visor in the event that an obstruction is detected and a set back mode which lowers the visor to 50mm and switches off lights when the cabinet is left unattended to maximise energy efficiency.

Class 2 MSC - BioMAT 2 S2

Product Features

The BioMAT 2 range of Class 2 Microbiological Safety Cabinets provide a flexible design platform allowing users to select a cabinet to meet their exact laboratory requirement.


Latest generation EC fan technology provides reduced noise levels with improved energy efficiency


Cabinets can be provided in standard exhaust, thimble, re-circulation or our unique patented TriMAT constant exhaust format to meet the particular application


Tactile control buttons with crystal clear iconography provide simple clear control of cabinet operation and functions


TFT touch screen complete with animated airflow diagram provides real-time indication of cabinet status under all operating conditions


Audible alarms coupled with large red LED light alerts operator to any cabinet/airflow malfunction

Side glazing

Provides users with a bright open working environment and a flexible solution for the addition of future services

Front visor

Available in 200mm fixed aperture or motorised sliding sash to suit user preference


Manufactured in grade 316 stainless steel as standard. Available as a single dished unit or divided sections to suit users needs

Support stand

Fixed height, manually adjustable or fully DDA compliant electrically operated motorised stands as required

You can also visit www.class2safetycabinet.co.uk

Exhaust options

Watch how laboratory air flows through the HEPA filter.

View Airflow Diagram

Standard exhaust

Ducted type with exhaust module incorporating single HEPA filter and integral anti blowback damper

Thimble exhaust

Exhaust module incorporating double HEPA filters and integral anti blowback damper


Exhaust module incorporating double HEPA filters and vertical or horizontal discharge grille for return air back into the laboratory

Product Specifications

Our BioMAT2 cabinet range provides the following features as standard:-
  • Cabinet construction - 1.5mm mild steel
  • Paint finish - Traffic white RAL 9016
  • Inner liner - Grade 304 stainless steel
  • Side windows - 5mm UV resistant toughened glass
  • Fumigation options - Formaldehyde or vaporised hydrogen peroxide
  • Front visor BioMAT 2 - 5mm toughened glass with 200mm open aperture – closed for fumigation using a night door (supplied)
  • Front visor BioMAT 2-S2 - Aerosol tight 5mm sliding sash front visor operated via simple up/down buttons on control panel, incorporating anti trap reverse function
  • Standard - Type tested and approved to EN12469:2000

Speak to one of our experts for more information about our full range of products and services.

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