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Servicing microbiological safety cabinets

posted on: April 9th, 2012
Anything that is crucial to health and safety in the workplace should be tested regularly to ensure that it is working at peak efficiency and well within the accepted standards and regulations. This fundamental principle applies equally well in an office or a factory, on a farm, or in a lab dealing with potentially hazardous or infectious substances.

We offer a wide range of servicing options, through highly trained and expert staff who are well used to dealing with delicate safety cabinets. They understand exactly what to check for, from proper laminar air flow (as any fluid mechanics expert will tell you, it doesn't take much to push a laminar flow into turbulence) to the lighting of the work surface. They are thorough and appropriately experienced, to ensure the safety of the cabinet user and all other lab staff, and the integrity of samples if appropriate.

Many problems can be fixed on sight even if they require the installation of new parts. We won't leave you with non-functional biosafety cabinets if it can possibly be avoided. For many companies and educational institutions these are mission-critical pieces of equipment and we understand that they shouldn't be out of action for any longer than strictly necessary.

Although we do offer excellent aftercare packages with every cabinet we sell, including long-term service contracts, Contained Air Solutions technicians can also look after biosafety products made by other manufacturers. That includes class one to three cabinets, downdraft tables, fume cupboards, clean rooms, robotics enclosures, and more.
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