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Why the biological safety cabinet is no place for a Bunsen burner

posted on: December 5th, 2012

The Bunsen burner is a traditional aid to aseptic technique. However, it must never be used inside a biological safety cabinet, owing to disruption of the laminar air flow, possible damage to the HEPA filter and a high risk of fire. Aseptic techni...

Local exhaust ventilation for biological safety cabinets

posted on: November 9th, 2012

In any laboratory situation involving hazardous biological substances, a class 1 or class 2 laminar air flow cabinet should be used. We at Contained Air Solutions Ltd (CAS) manufacture a wide range of recirculating and exhaust-type biological safety ...

Making the choice between a class 2 and a class 1 safety cabinet

posted on: October 26th, 2012

When working with biological agents, choosing the right laminar flow hood can be a difficult process. Evidently, hazardous biological materials require the use of a class i or class ii safety cabinet, but a number of factors need to be taken into con...

Industry standards for HEPA filters in biosafety cabinets

posted on: September 7th, 2012

Every laminar flow hood depends on one or more HEPA filters, which work in combination with the laminar air flow passing through the cabinet to maintain a sterile, particle-free environment. Strict industry standards apply to the choice of HEPA fi...

Servicing microbiological safety cabinets

posted on: April 9th, 2012

Anything that is crucial to health and safety in the workplace should be tested regularly to ensure that it is working at peak efficiency and well within the accepted standards and regulations. This fundamental principle applies equally well in an of...

Tailored Controlled Working Environments for Accurate Data

posted on: March 12th, 2012

At Contained Air Solutions Ltd., our success is built on delivering biological safety cabinets that are revered by laboratory workers for their ease of use and suitability to specific purposes. Our staff have a wealth of first hand laboratory experie...

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