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How a laminar flow bench can help the data recovery process

posted on: October 9th, 2012
The integrated circuits, CPUs and other components used in modern computers are extremely sensitive to even microscopic particles of dust, and must be fabricated in a totally clean room environment, in other words, one which uses a laminar flow of HEPA-filtered air at negative pressure.

The hard disc drive is the most essential component of any computer, and if it develops a physical fault the results can be devastating. A simple software programme might not be enough to recover lost data; physical intervention by a qualified technician might be required. While a horizontal laminar flow booth is not a clean room, it will offer a particle-free environment for effecting repairs. A commercial hard drive can store many terabytes of data, so this type of cabinet is becoming increasingly important to the electronics industry.

Modern microprocessor components are typically less than a micron in size, and a single microscopic flake of dust can ruin a computer chip. In 2004, a new international clean-room standard (ISO 14644) was introduced, which replaced the old ISO 100 and FED-STD-209E standards, laying down new specifications for clean rooms and associated environments. This ensured controlled levels of sub-micron sized particles were achieved, suitable for working with hard-drives and microprocessor units.

A basic laminar flow bench offers protection equal to ISO-5. However, if it is installed in an ISO14644-1 certified clean room, rather than a standard data recovery laboratory, not only will it offer an exceptional level of cleanliness for hard disc repair, but the filters will need changing less often.
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